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                                  Year 4 Classes


Junipertogo Rowantogo

Our Class Teacher is Miss Payne

  Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Rickwood  

    Our Class Teacher is Miss Corrigan

 Our Teaching Assistant is Miss Murphy



The puppies are two weeks old now! All their eyes are open and they are starting to try to walk around. They are also getting a bit noisy!

Pups 2Pups 3Pups 4Pups 5Pups 6Pups 7

Bailey (and Miss Corrigan) have had a VERY busy weekend. Bailey's puppies arrived on Saturday. We have 3 gorgeous girls and 4 handsome boys. Bailey and the puppies are doing well and Bella is being a very good grandmother! 

Bailey 3


Bailey 2

Bailey 1

Stay safe!

Miss Corrigan and Bailey

Hope you all had a lovely Easter!

Attached is a powerpoint from Madame Barbault so you can continue your french work.

Keep up all the hard work!

Download this file (Year 4 La Météo.pptx)Year 4 La Météo.pptx

Production season is upon us!

Year 3 and 4 will soon be performing 'Plastic Pirates'. Rehearsals are going well and the stage is going up today. 

Make sure you are practising your lines - we need all children off script as soon as possible!

Letters about costumes will be coming home soon. Please keep an eye out for them.

If you have any plastic props like rubber ducks, rubber rings, lilos, jewellary etc we would be very grateful.

Thank you for your continued support!

The year 3 and 4 team.

The children had a fantastic day celebrating World Book Day. They've worked hard to create amazing World War II themed book corners for a competition - we can't wait to find out the results!


They also enjoyed the book 'Imagine a Night'. They wrote their own stories based on a fantasy night scene and then enjoyed painting their picture in watercolour paints. Their imaginations ran wild!


Don't forget to spend your World Book Day vouchers!

The adventurers return!

The children have had an amazing few days away at Aylmerton Field Study Centre in Norfolk and have had so many new experiences from den building to walking in a river and building their own fires to cook soup they made themselves.

Pictures will be on the website soon but there are hundreds to sort through! 

All the staff would just like to say a massive thank you to the children for their lovely manners and willingness to try the new activities.



There have been lots of monsters back at Kingsfield! The children made pizzas, created their own monster orienteering course for the Year 1s and made some lovely clay models and felt puppets of monsters.

IMG 1571 2

On Friday 10th January Year 4 had some volunteers come in from Natwest bank to support them in a planning and budgeting activity. The children had to plan a party for a given child, making sure they kept within their budget! The children had some fantastic ideas and this was evident in their presentations for 'best value for money party'. All the groups were under budget as well!


At the end of the session the children received a certificate and goody bag.

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