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                              British Values

Our School meets the requirements of the Education Act 2002 (Section 78) by promoting the spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development of our pupils. Through SMSC provision we actively promote British Values.

The Government defines British Values as democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs. The tables below show how we incorporate the Government-defined British Values into our curriculum and life at school.

Value How we Promote it


Links to school values:
Responsibility, Freedom, Tolerance, Integrity, Honesty, Trust, Inclusion

  • We have a School Council where each member is elected by the pupils. This is used as an opportunity to promote and teach respect about democracy and the electoral process.
  • We encourange Volunteers and community work in and out of school. This includes Junior Librarians and Play Leaders, who make decisisons. The School Council represent the school in decision making for supporting local and national charities.
  • The beginnings of democracy are taught through historical research of Ancient Greek/Roman civilisations, changing the role of British monarchs and the United Nations Rights of the Child.
  • Democracy is also promoted through additional PSHE lessons, circle times, assemblies and voting in lessons, such as which book to read or what behaviour chart to use.
Value How we Promote it

The Rule of Law

Links to school values:
Honesty, Responsibility, Inclusion, Co-operation, Teamwork, Communication

  • We teach pupils to appreciate that living under the rule of law in Britain protects individual citizens and is essential for their well-being and safety.
  • We have high expectations about pupil conduct and this is reflected in our Positive Behaviour Policy. There are reqards for exhibiting responsible actions and respectful behaviour' demonstration of our values is recognised through such things as weekly achievement awards, house team trophies, green cards and top table rewards for excellent manners.
  • Through our school assemblies, and events such as Sports Day, children are taught how to earn trust and respect and are supported to develop a strong sense of morality; knowing right from wrong and doing the right thing and making good choices even when it's difficult.
  • The staff at Kingsfield explain to pupils why rules are in place in school and society.
Value How we Promote it

Individual Liberty

Links to school values:
Honesty, Humility, Courage, Freedom, Teamwork, Perseverance, Determination, Curiosity

  • Through our school values, collective worship and the PSHE programme, children are taught about personal responsibility, choices, ambition and aspiration. They are encouraged to take opportunities to follow their interests in art, music, sport and a range of extra-curricular clubs that support these choices and interests are available.
  • Children are taught how to keep themselves safe, including online. This is done through computing lessons, collective worship and outside organisations, as well as through the PSHE curriculum.
  • Kingsfield Primary has an Anti-Bullying Policy which all members of staff are made aware of.
Value  How we Promote it

Mutual Respect

Links to school values:
Appreciation, Teamwork, honesty, Understanding, Tolerance, Courage, Perseverance, Determination, Loyalty, Acceptance, Inclusion.

  • Children are taught to understand the importance of identifiying and combatting discrimination.
  • We have high expectations about pupil conduct and this is reflected in our Behaviour Policy.
  • Children are taught to respect each other, to be co-operative and collaborative and to look for similarities while being understanding of differences.
  • Mutual respect is also promoted through additional PSHE lessons and collective worship.
  • EAL support/provision is appropriate, caring and respectful; for adults and children, alongside any minority groups such as travelling communities. We have cultural days such as a Modern Britain day and Gypsy Roma Traveller day to celebrate different cultures.
Value How we Promote it

Tolerance of different faiths and beliefs

Links to school values:
Appreciation, Teamwork, Honesty, Understanding, Tolerance, Courage, Perseverance, Determination, Loyalty, Acceptance, Inclusion

  • We teach children that the freedom to choose and hold other faiths and beliefs is protected in law. 
  • We have high expectations about pupil conduct and this is reflected in our Behaviour Policy.
  • Tolerance of different faiths and beliefs is promoted through the Locally Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education. Children learn about different religious, their beliefs, places of worship and festivals. The childrens' work on this subject is displayed in the classrooms pr around the school.
  • This is supplemented by collective worship (Key Stage and whole school), which, although mainly Christian in nature also marks and celebrates significant religious festivals such as Ramadan and Diwali.
  • Visits are made by local religious groups and people such as the local vicar, GENR8, Peterborough Diwali Society and Cambridge Muslim College.
  • Children have the opportunity to visit places of worship.
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